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Cold Steel
I feel the urge again
Flooding my body like heavy rain.
Needing something to stop the thoughts
Searching for a way to untie the knots.
Looking desperately from one thing to another
Hoping to find a way out of the smother.
Suddenly a glare catches my eye
This object is calling me, but why?
I take it into my hand with fright
Once it's open, the "click" brings delight.
Rubbing the cool metal against my skin
Quivering with pleasure from deep within.
I slide the tip along my veins
Suddenly, I start to forget other pains.
I feel the edge so sharp and rigid
The surface is shiny yet so very frigid.
Guiding the blade into my skin
I feel nothing of the anguish within.
Feeling the separation of my cells
I suddenly have no fear of living this Hell.
The crimson blood slowly seeps out of the cuts
Trickling down my body the mounting tension erupts.
Although these wounds of flesh will heal
The anguish will return, like I do to my cold steel.
:icondragon-lord77:Dragon-Lord77 2 2
Dark Ride
Beneath the midnight moon I ride aloft
On black leathery skin so soft.
I feel the beast's power beneath me
It's heart beating crimson blood smoothly.
The magnificent beast vanquished from light
Carries me along in the blanket of night.
It's savage animosity left behind for me
I now feel it's touch embracing me gently.
As we flow through the cool night air
The world vanishes, it's no longer there.
This is why I crave the monsters touch
It removed the pain in one big rush.
This eternal anguish disappears in stride
As I proceed on this lustful dark ride.
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s. lynch
United States
Current Residence: a place somewhat cooler than hell, though not at all prettier.
Personal Quote: i'm too old to start life one more time, but too young not to live again.
After having viewed one of my paintings, someone had invited me to read their essay titled "Why Christianity Is Satanism". The work had been removed before I had the chance to run through it, but I thought I might write a short essay in response to the title.

Indeed Christianity can be seen today as having Satanic roots, or at least as a religion giving more praise to the Devil than their Jehovah, whether witting or not. Rarely is encountered a so-called Christian that attends a regular church service. Even less frequently might one find a member whom plays closer to the rules of God and the ever-loved Jesus than his or her own wants and desires. Isn't that what Lucifer would have of us: Tending to earthly pleasures, forgoing the commands of God? And do these self-proclaimed children of the Father flock to the pews begging forgiveness of their sins? No. Then what exactly makes them a "Christian"? Why, their belief that the Lord sits high.

As I understood, Jesus made clear that faith alone was not enough.

And to act as reminder: Nowhere in those books called Holy is it written that Satan asks a proclaiming allegiance.

At the ripe old age of two thousand, Christianity has grown up and out of the booster seat once thought almighty. It's turned itself into the world's largest group of Devil worshipers without even knowing. But might it be called Satanism? A loud, booming "NO!" would be the answer.

Until 1966, the year one, the world had been barren of any religion bold enough to take the name of the Prince of Darkness. In all history, only Anton LaVey had the balls to step from the shadows, bringing with him that name and those truths expelled by others. What was once a generic name given by men of God to any group of people not long-suffering the scriptures was then accepted and formed into the first and only religion officially called Satanism.

While today's Christians practice philosophies first penned in "The Satanic Bible", the thought that these people might be called Satanists is unintelligent and completely without merit. The obvious difference is their belief in a supreme cosmic being. As stated in the aforementioned book, the Satanist finds no cause for this self imposed ignorance and therefore worships Himself as a god. And if that weren't enough to remove them from the ranks, their guilty consciences seal the deal. Christians are brainwashed to the point that even masturbation is cause for guilt. And while this shame is no longer enough to scare them back to the churches, it surely makes them less than a god, and excludes them from the title of Satanist. And let us not forget that the privilege of calling oneself a Satanist requires registration with the Church of Satan; an act certainly unbecoming of anyone choosing an alliance with the Only Son.  

I agree that it's no longer Christianity, but no, it isn't Satanism.


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Ghost-of-Nobody Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You have an incredible talent. I just wanted to say that.
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Very,very cool work.
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brutal art.......................!
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Thanks for the favourite on The Fuck Up.
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i really love your work, i love how individual it is, and disheartened that you haven't got as much attentionas you should have on here, look forward to seeing more, ;)
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Great work, very eye catching! :clap:
brokenheartsbleeding Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009   General Artist
Are you satanist,christion,or agnostic?
Hecati-Circle Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008
Hey, you're works really cool, I love the Manson piece :D

I wondered if u could do shaun crahan from slipknot in his mask?

Make my year :D

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I featured you here: [link] :D
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